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SteepShot Coffee Brewer

We are proud to introduce the SteepShot coffee Brewer to Switzerland!
Designed in Norway, SteepShot is a manual brewing device for filter coffee.

By sealing the ground coffee and the water under pressure in the double-wall stainless steel cup, this brewer allows for quick, consistent and delicious brews.

Just put some delicious coffee in the brewer alongside some freshly boiled water an put the lid on to the cup. After 30s to 1mn, reverse your SteepShot onto a cup or any type of server and open the deflector. Your coffee is ready.

Steepshot comes with a durable metal plate filter. However, should you want to experience SteepShot with a finer filtration, 60 microns metal mesh filters are also available as an option, as well as standard aeropress filters.

SteepShot Coffee Brewer

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