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In the coffee world heritage and tradition became quite common words used by many companies to sell coffee. We respect tradition and understand that it is not easy to change established structure and grown mindsets. But then, we also see these words are quite often being used as an excuse to repeat exactly the same way of working and stick with the same old concepts.


Right now we see the green (i.e.raw) coffee price dropping down to a level where coffee farmers can’t feed their families anymore and struggling to stay in business. A sustain and environment friendly acting becomes impossible.  


With our friends we work hard to break that vicious circle. We buy green coffee directly from farmers, pay above market prices and stay with farmers and partners on long term relationships. This will not just allow us to keep the quality high, it also shows commitment and creates financial stability especially for the coffee farmers. In return we ask for best quality, handpicked coffee cherries which always will be the base for best coffee cup results. Besides all of this, which is key for the quality and taste, we receive transparency over our partners farming practices and full traceability on our coffees.


For us this all isn't the end of the journey. It's the beginning. We feel inspired by people who challenge the status-quo and create real change towards a more sustainable and fair acting in the coffee industry. As long as this goes on we see ourselves as work in progress.

We are a group of coffee nerds, skilled bean roasters, passionate baristas, kind-hearted people and overall big dreamers.


We are off and away to a new coffee culture. More friendly to mother nature-  More fair to the farmers. With a relentless pursuit of taste and quality.


Made for offices, cafes, restaurants or places we haven’t even thought of yet.




 RESPON-               SIBILITY 

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