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Cappuccino avec Latte Art en formation

Whether you’re just a fan of the developing coffee culture or you’re working in the service or hospitality industry, latte art is becoming more and more common and can, apart from being really enjoyable to watch or create, help your business and the quality of the drinks you’re creating on a daily basis.

That is why we decided to dedicate a specific course to this topic.


In this course, we will show you the basics of milk frothing for creating cappuccinos with latte art and, above all, advanced techniques.


The focus will primarily be on milk and creating latte art with a lot of practice time for you behind the espresso machine. This specific course, besides teaching you how to create a good texture of froth for milk beverages, also gives you the opportunity to learn about milk science and chemistry in relation to coffee and to lift up your latte art game, for home or professional use.


We will also explore the different milk alternatives and test some of them in order to understand what fits best for you.


Attending one barista course or having a working experience behind an espresso machine is recommended as the aim of this course is not to focus on the preparation of a good espresso.

Latte Art Training - 3 Hours

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