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Machine espresso Linea Mini Blanche pour formations

Get the opportunity of a 2-hour individual barista training in Geneva with! This 2-hour long individual class, available on demand, is all about the most important techniques you need to master to operate a home espresso machine. The setting of an espresso grinder as well as the different types and parts of the espresso machine and equipment will also be covered!


The emphasis will be put on how to craft barista-level espresso and cappuccino.
The cleaning of an espresso machine will also be taught.


The broad aim of this course is to get you to know your machine better and to understand the basics of how to operate it. If you are contemplating the idea of buying a home espresso machine or if you want to deepen your understanding of it, it provides a unique opportunity learn to operate a machine in the best of conditions.


This course can be taught in English as well as in French.
No experience nor previous knowledge is required to enter this course.


We will contact you right after your order in order to set a date for your training.

Individual Barista Training - 2 Hours

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