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Espresso coulant d'un porte filtre lors d'une formation

This 2-hour class is all about the most important techniques you need to master to operate a home espresso machine.
In this course, you will learn how to manage the setting of an espresso grinder, use the right water for coffee and learn about the differences between the several types of home espresso machines available on the market.
The emphasis will be put on how to craft beverages like espresso and cappuccino.
The cleaning of an espresso machine will also be taught.


The broad aim of this course is to get you to know your machine better and to understand the basics of how to operate it. If you are contemplating the idea of buying a home espresso machine or if you already have one at home, it provides a unique opportunity learn to operate a machine in the best of conditions.


No experience nor previous knowledge is required to enter this course.

Home Barista - Fastlane Training - 2 Hours

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