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Cappuccino avec latte art en formation

This two-day barista course covers in details the most important coffee skills any barista has to master before working in the specialty coffee industry.
The goal here is to make sure every participant to this course leaves with the theoretical and practical capacities to work behind a specialty coffee machine in full autonomy.
By participating to this course, you will learn to adjust the grinder, choose a brewing recipe, create a coffee and drink offer, but also produce an order in a short time with a good workflow.


Quality, speed and precision are learnt and practiced in this course.
Milk science and milk frothing are also examined in depth, in order to give you the capacity of creating various espresso-based milk drinks and adapting your offer to the customer’s will.


With this course we also introduce you to the quality control of the beverage strength using a refractometer and learn together how to calculate the extraction yield of a coffee cup. This procedure is used for quality control and comparability. We specifically play with the brew and beverage ratio and test various settings.


Technically speaking, you will also learn to differentiate between the different kinds of espresso machines and the different brewing methods we will teach you in order to be able to make an informed choice regarding what you want to offer to your customers.


Water chemistry will also be an important topic that will be discussed and analysed during this challenging course, alongside with topics such as the preparation of coffee (washed, semi-washed, natural and anaerobic fermentation), workplace management and machine cleaning which will also be covered.


The course is aimed at employees from the catering field, coffee enthusiasts, baristas, service technicians, employees from the areas of marketing, sales, field service or product management.


A prior visit of the Barista1 level course is recommended though not compulsory. It can be skipped if you already have some barista/coffee knowledge or experience.

Barista Level 2 -Two days

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