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This day-long course is the best to enter the world of barista craft and to learn more about coffee.

In this course, we go through the coffee chain from the culture to the beverage as an end product. We taste different coffees from all over the world and work together to find out how different coffee can taste.

Together, we will extract the perfect espresso and learn how to set the grinder correctly, which is also the prerequisite for a fine americano, cappuccino or caffè latte with latte art.


In this course, we will also take a look at various brewing methods such as the Frenchpress, Aeropress and other filter coffee methods.


Coffee has a lot of potential and we look forward to going on an emotional coffee journey with you. Practical and theoretical parts alternate.


Previous knowledge is not a prerequisite for this barista course.
No coffee machines or grinders or other materials need to be brought.



Operating the espresso machine

Setting the espresso grinder

Creating the most important coffee beverages

The basics of milk frothing

Cleaning the espresso machine

Differentiation of different types of coffee and coffee machines

Barista Level 1- One day

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